Neuroma Treatment in Omaha, NE


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  • Numbness, burning and tingling.
  • Symptoms aggravated by walking in shoes.
  • Pain is not relieved by rest.

A neuroma is an agitation of the nerve, most commonly between the second and third or third and fourth toes. This condition is usually caused by improperly fitting shoes that squeeze the toes together, thus pinching the nerve between the bones. If a neuroma is present, it may feel like stepping on a cord or as if your sock is bunched-up. Other symptoms include burning, tingling, cramping or numbness. The pain may radiate from the tips of your toes, through your ankle, into your thigh and into your lower back (sciatic pain).

Through an examination, your podiatrist can determine if symptoms are a neuroma or some other foot problem. Treatment for neuromas may include shoe changes, custom orthotics (arch supports), ultrasound therapy, medication or surgery.

What to do?

Once symptoms are recognized, proper medical care should be obtained as soon as possible to minimize the likelihood of permanent nerve damage.


If conservative care does not help, surgery may be necessary.


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