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Dr. Remedy Nails

A picture of Dr. Remedy Nails polish.

Nail Polish
This nail polish contains tea tree oil, biotin, lavender, wheat protein, vitamins C & E, and garlic bulb extract. Unlike most other nail polish, they do not contain harmful chemicals. Tea tree oil and garlic bulb are nature’s anti-fungal agents. The nail polish remover is acetone-free, and all their products are vegan-friendly. We have top coat, base coat, 2-in-1 base and top coat, hydration and a wide range of polish colors. The polish does not stain your nails.

$17.50 + Tax, and multiple colors. $16 + Tax

Nail Polish Remover
This nail polish remover is a non-acetone-enriched nail polish remover. It contains tea tree oil, wheat protein, vitamins C & E, and garlic bulb.

$10 + Tax

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