Fun Ideas for Quarantine

Who’s starting to feel cabin fever settle in?

Anyone running out of ideas to keep themselves and their family members busy?
… ME!

As I find myself running out of ideas and crafts to keep myself and little one busy, I thought I would share with you some of the fun ideas we have done in hopes you would share some of yours with me. So far we have tried..

  • Going on a walk with a scavenger list made up of items we could find around the neighborhood such as “white car, trash bin, etc.”
  • Sorting through our toys and clothes to set aside things to donate to shelters.
  • Building blankets forts to camp in with our popcorn and candy!

What have you done with your family or by yourself? What has kept you busy at home in this time of social distancing? Go to our Facebook page and leave us your ideas and see what others have done. Who knows? Maybe you’ll gain some new activities to add to your to do list!

Stay safe everyone!

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