Relax Those Muscles After Active Summer Days

With everything going on in the world this summer, we find ourselves spending more time doing outdoor activities. Well after so much activity on a hot summer day, my body is exhausted and my muscles ache. So as I lay in my air conditioned apartment after a long active day, what can I put on my aches and pains to help my muscles relax?

For temporary relief from minor aches and pains of sore muscles and joints associated with: arthritis pain, backache, strains, sprains, give our new Hempnesic pain relieving gel a try.

Hempnesic Gel is the only FDA registered topical pain-relieving gel that directly influences the endocannabinoid system with Hemp-derived cannabidiol containing Capsaicin, Menthol, and Camphor. Numerous studies have demonstrated that mammalian tissue contains at least two cannabinoid (CB) receptors, CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are shown to mediate analgesia in animal studies. Human studies are ongoing and preliminary data clearly show that pain is reduced using hemp-based cannabidiol when taken orally or when applied topically.


  • Goes on cool and progressively heats
  • Infused with Capsaicin, Hemp Oil, Ilex, and Green Tea
  • Paraben-free formulation
  • Light, oil-free formula absorbs into the skin rapidly
  • Longer lasting formula. One application offers relief for up to 4-6 hours
  • Provides fast relief from sore muscles

Soaking – Great Way to End the Day!

Looking for an excuse to get off your feet? How about something relaxing to do after a long day?

Soaking your feet and/or body in warm water mixed with our Salt Soothers Bath Salts is a great way to unwind as well as take care of your skin’s health.

Soaking is an excellent stress reducer.


Ancient Greeks and Romans both used warm seawater as a therapy to help them relax. This is now called talassotherapy, a word derived from the old Greek word thalassa, which means sea. According to, sea salt bath therapy provides psychological benefits and improves quality of sleep.

Sea salts provide a natural detoxifier.


Sea salt is a natural detoxifier, as the salt absorbs the toxins from the skin. Soaking in sea salts for 15 minutes will help release toxins that build up in the tissue and relieve sore muscles as well as replace minerals that you lose every day.

Increased circulation, antiseptic effects, soft skin without a greasy feel and reduction in fluid retention are just some of the additional benefits of sea salt for the skin. Since sea salt does not go through the same manufacturing processes as table salt, the minerals from the sea remain, giving sea salts different colorings depending on where they are from. Many of these minerals also provide nutrients and benefits to the skin.


If you or someone you know are interested in trying these Salt Soothers Bath Salts, come by our office today!

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